Spacetime-Based Foundation of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity [chapter]

John A. Macken
2015 Frontiers in Quantum Methods and Applications in Chemistry and Physics  
This work makes the case that everything in the universe (all particles, fields and forces) is derived from the single building block of 4 dimensional spacetime. The tremendously large impedance of spacetime (c 3 /G) permits small amplitude waves in spacetime to be the universal building block. The spacetime wave-based fermion model is shown to plausibly possess the correct spin, energy and the ability to appear to be point particles in experiments. This model also generates the weak gravity
more » ... vature of spacetime and the gravitational force between particles. The electrostatic force between fundamental particles is also derived and shown to be related to the gravitational force through a simple difference in exponents. A new constant of nature is proposed which converts electrical charge into a strain of space. The distortion of spacetime produced by photons is also analyzed.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-14397-2_13 fatcat:hwsgurns5fhsrhtr26m7kwmyyu