The International Exhibition of Electricity

Th. Du Moncel
1881 Scientific American  
lamps, which we have seen at the Exposition and which can I henceforth nothing remains to he desired in practic(' 'fEE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF ELECbe admir e d by all the world �or the�r perfect ::;�ea(Jiness. �e�era!ing machines, distribution of circuits, installatio n , TRICI'l'Y. These lamps, to th � n um�er of 160, l ! gbt �he two �a�(Jlls I mdlCatlll g and regulatiug apparatus, meters for measuring reserved for the dlscovenes of the lll gemous . Amencan ' I the amouut of current
more » ... d are all combined for im-(FROM LA LUMIERE ELEOTRIQUE.' By TH. DU MONCEL. inv � n tor, an . d weshall see still m ,? re iml � ort � nt results �pon I mediate !, pplicalio � , and, as we IH�ve said, this appl ication is EDISON ' S INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LAMPS. the m � laliatlOn of the grea t mach me which IS expected from about bemg made lUll part of the City of New York , where Amenca. a gre at nnmber of houses are to be lit by this system by IN a previous article we in dicated in what case this system As a t present ma d e , these lamps are sufficiently :<olid and . means of u subterranean distribution from a central stati on of electric lighting was sl?ecially applicable, and we saw can las t a l o n g tillle. The originally fragile carbon has I from which also motive power will be distributed to th� !ha t. hencefo . rth, thanks to lmport� n t Impt:oven,lents rccently beco m e extrcmel v elastic and hard, and of sucb attenuation hOUSCR . Intro . du�ed, It conld be . emplo,Yed . for the mterlOr of houses t hat it c an be w e ll compared in size to a horse-bair . By a This central station will be provided with twelve steam whele b�ht o� fe � ble mlenslty ! s used . ; w� have seen that cleverly co mbined system of fastening the platinum, con-engines of 150 horse power each, actuating dynamo-electric several . castl� s m England we � e lighte r;! III t�IS way, and tbat d ucting wire s a r e not exposed to be cut, and they are so machines, each of w hicb will be capable to supply, it is sa id a cert'l . l!l number of . h()u�. rs l !l the City 01 N � w YO , rk h � d I sealed in the gl ass J'leceiver that their change of volume 2,400 lamps of eight candle power. The current furnished s � bscrlbed for the �Ight fur rn shed by . the Edls?u E l ectnc under the ac t ion o f heat does not endanger the perfection of to these lamps comes through a branch taken before each Light Company. Smce the suecessful IntroductlO� of th eBe the vacuum . B y the way the carbons are treated when the house from the large sized conductors laid in the streets. lam ps, � great number o� sf � tems . of the . same klll� . have va c; uum is ma d e in . the � lobe, t.l � e bl1l ! hles of air inclosed in 'fhese dcviations bring tl!e poles of the generator into each been blOUght out by dIf fel ent IllventOls, and W ithout their pores, and WhiCh, lU escapmg, dlsaggregate the surface, house, where the lamp wues can be brought in connection Fm. 1. spca�ing of such well -known ones as those of Ediwn, Swan, '
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