1913 Journal of Theological Studies  
looked for great things from Dr von Soden's final volume of the Text The earlier volumes were very heavy reading, but I expected that his Text and cntical notes would fill a gap in our studies. Alas, he has but complicated our problems, and instead of writing a eulogy on his work I regret to have to condemn it strongly The only redeeming feature of the whole work consists in the collations of codices at Sinai, Jerusalem, and Athos, not forgetting M0 at Tiflis t As to the presentment of the
more » ... entment of the combined critical material, after making every allowance for the division of work among forty people, it can only be said that the apparatus is positively honeycombed with errors, and many documents which should have been recollated have not been touched, others only partially, and others again have been incorrectly handled Dr von Soden frequently opposes Schmidtke's edition of Pans' 17 , and doubtless it is von Soden who is wrong every time He misquotes my 604'700 (his 1M ) and has not correctly handled 28 (his 1W ) or 157 (his >lJ7 ) He does not tell us if he had * recollated If he only used Lake's edition of Mark and Collation of the other Gospels, then he has done a great wrong by printing endless false readings If he has had it recollated then Lake's work was rather careless I leave them to settle this matter between them It has been my duty to go over von Soden's text and apparatus throughout the Gospels in all passages concerning a difference between « andB (in connexion with a work which is in the press), and very soon after beginning the investigation it became clear to me that von Soden's work was a step backward I have stnv en m v self to keep textual matters on as clear a basis as possible, and here we have an editor, who, not content with throwing overboard all uur previous nomenclature in an excess of pnde in his forthcoming enterprise, has brought this enterprise to fruition in such a way as to befog the issue at every step Without further preliminaries I proceed to indict him on the most serious count of all, upon a count on which none of his predecessors have been found guilty,% for they handled these matters with infinite care * See supra p. 306 t Now published by Beermann and Gregory as the ' Kondethi' Gospels. * I think Tischendorf 13 unwittingly guilty on one occasion only \ 2 at Cornell University Library on July 16, 2015 http://jts.oxfordjournals.org/ Downloaded from at Cornell University Library on July 16, 2015 http://jts.oxfordjournals.org/ Downloaded from f Txt rec 8*\<w «£ ucavov as most, or 6t\w tf itavov xpovov \V al But ef ixaciw Xpovojy <?(A<w N BT X ahq c Btkaiv *f ucavasv \povaiv 157, t( ucavov xp°f°v OtXtav fan* \^,t^iK<xvwxpovaw L (-$f\aiVj,er&tenim cupiens videre ilium a ( -«£i« \p ) cf. vg*" Ord ita Stktuv tiSttv avrov t( utavwv ^povcuv D d cf sah s\r, cf e «£ imvov GtXoiv * et Soden txt soli vtH cunt 341 et cvangehslants sex
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