Analysis of the Impact of Selected Parameters of the Hybrid Extinguishing System on the Fire Environment in a Closed Room

Jerzy Gałaj, Tomasz Drzymała, Paweł Wolny
2019 Sustainability  
The main purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of some parameters (water mist flow rate and type of gas used) of the hybrid extinguishing system on the fire environment (temperature as well as carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations) in a closed room. Hybrid fire-extinguishing systems in which water mist is driven by inert gas combine the advantages of typical fog systems and fixed gas extinguishing devices. They have been developed in the last years but are now being used more and
more » ... eing used more and more often and the preparation of standards for them is planned for 2020. For this purpose, many fire tests with this system should be conducted. Some of them are discussed in this paper. Two different flow rates of water mist (1.5 or 3 dm3/min) and inert gas (nitrogen or air) were used during hybrid system testing. Some parameters of the fire environment in the compartment such as temperature measured by thermocouples as well as carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations measured by electrochemical gas sensors are presented here. The characteristic values of the extinguishing process are also included. The assumed times of ensuring safe conditions in the room have been confirmed.
doi:10.3390/su11236867 fatcat:22stuqppfjfvvfylsjaeh7pxn4