A Cognitive knowledged Energy-Efficient path selection using Centroid and Ant-Colony Optimized Hybrid protocol for WSN-Assisted IoT [post]

Prophess Raj Kumar Nalluri, Josemin Bala Gnanadhas
2021 unpublished
In WSN-assisted IoT environment, the sensors are resource constrained. The energy, computing and storage resources of deployed sensors in the sensing area are limited. Clustering is the key method for saving energy in wireless sensor networks. A hybrid protocol named as an Energy Efficient Centroid-based Ant colony Optimization (EECAO) protocol is proposed in this paper to improve the performance of the sensor network in WSN-assisted IoT environments. The protocol uses the concept of centroid
more » ... ncept of centroid based clustering to gather the information of local clusters and ant colony optimization to relay that information to the base station. proposed hybrid protocol includes multiple clustering factors such as energy cost, channel consistency and cognitive sensor throughput to select cluster heads and a new distributed cluster formation for self-organizing deployed sensors. Selection of the super cluster head among the cluster heads is based on the energy centroid position for a defined coverage area. In EECAO protocol, the energy level of cognitive sensors is the key parameter for defining the position of centroid. To reduce the long-distance communication, path optimization between the super cluster heads and the base station is carried out using an ant routing model. Our simulation results indicate that EECAO protocol performs better when benchmarked against existing ETSP and EECRP protocols. The proposed hybrid protocol EECAO is well-suited for networks that requires long lifetime when the base station is placed at either center, border or outside the network.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-358566/v1 fatcat:trqglhd76rfa7kowx75fsuzrve