The Development of the Operating Industrial Zones of the Territory as a Factor of Ensuring Regional Security

Olga Vladimirovna Starikova
2018 Administrative Consulting  
Achievement of sustainable social and economic development of the state isn't possible without prevention and minimization of different consequences of the threats exerting impact on functioning of regional economic systems. The regions having insufficient profitable base as a rule render strong load of the federal center. For the purpose of decrease in this loading, and also for sustainable regional development and ensuring an economic safety, regions of Russia, and the state in general, in
more » ... e in general, in the territories needing support it is necessary to develop «points» of the industrial and innovative growth (development). The subsequent development of «points» of growth of regional economy is possible first of all by means of enhancement of the operating industrial zones which provides use of scientific and technical potential of the existing production enterprises during creation of the new production enterprises relating to subjects of a small and average entrepreneurship. Besides, development of «points» of growth of regional economy is possible through establishment of cooperation communications of the regions which were geographically remote from each other and creation of modern innovative infrastructure. The special place among «points» of growth is allocated CATE, to monotowns and science cities in the territory of which are localized the entities with a powerful scientific and technical potential, but volume of production decreasing. In these territories it is important to ensure an economic safety, first of all, for the purpose of minimization of outflow of the population, increase in investment and innovative potential of regions, creation of competitive productions and providing high level of living of the population. At the same time, for the state it is important to ensure an economic safety of the regions for the purpose of preserving integrity, a capability to self-development, increase in competitiveness in the world market and strengthenings of a homeland security. Achievement of sustainable development o [...]
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