A Product and Sizing System Investigation of Domestic and Foreign Dress form for Development of Senior Men's Dress form
시니어 남성용 드레스폼 개발을 위한 국내외 시판 드레스폼의 제품 및 치수체계 조사

Wolhee Do, Eunhee Choi
2016 Fashion & Textile Research Journal  
This study researched the sizing system of dress form for apparel manufacturing in the domestic market. It aims to be used as basic data for the development of a dress form that could be used by manufacturers of senior men's clothing. Research focused on the sizes presented on the homepages of 17 dress form manufacturers in the USA, France, Japan, and Korea. Body measurement was made for senior men in their 50's over men (n=134). Six items were measured by the 'Standard body measurement of Size
more » ... measurement of Size Korea'. The type of dress form in the domestic market can be classified into half-body type (upper body type and lower body type), torso, and whole-body type; in addition, each type is divided into upper arm, arm, crotch, and thigh. Korean dress form manufacturers produced/sold diverse kinds (size 7-9) for women; however, they used large/small sizes or product sizes for men without defining sizes. The chest size (93-105cm) has not been standardized while the rates of waist circumference, hip circumference and shoulder length (in accordance with the chest size) were all different. Global dress form brands manufactured reflecting body dimensions by the state organization USA ASTM. Japan JIS. For this reason, most domestic clothing businesses depend on imported dress forms. Especially, there were no dress forms for senior men. With the growing market for seniors, it would be necessary to produce senior dress forms for clothing production that reflect the body shapes and sizes of seniors. Key words : dressform(드레스폼, 인대), senior men's formal suits(시니어 남성 정장), Korea and foreign countries dressform(국내외 드레스폼), senior men's body measurements(시니어 남성 인체측정치) 개발에 관한 선행연구는 Sin(2005), Yoo and Shim(2006)의 †Corresponding author; Wolhee Do
doi:10.5805/sfti.2016.18.5.708 fatcat:illbz5brg5f25joqte64z2whie