G051026 3D-Motion of Arc when Obliquely Imposed an External Alternating Magnetic Field
G051026 アークに斜め方向に外部交流磁界を印加した時のアークの三次元挙動([G051-02]流体工学部門,一般セッション : 空力特性他)

2013 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
A behavior of arc under an obliquely irnposed alternating magnetic field to the arc is theoretica 旦 ly investigated . It is known that the arc oscillates in a plane when the alternating magnetic field is imposed perpendicularly to the arc . hl the present work , the governing equation f -) r arc motion is obtained and solved . The numerical analysis results suggest that motion of the oscillating arc with obliquely imposed altemating magnetic field becomes three − dhnensional pattem and there is
more » ... a possibility for the arc to be unstable under some conditions . When the crossing angle f( )r imposed alternating magnetic field to the arc larger than πノ 4 [ rad 】 , the trqjectory ofthe plasma gas 丘action is upturned . On the contrary , the crossing angle smaller than π14 [ rad 】 , the trajeCtory Gf the plasma gas fraction is always downward and the arc has a root on the anode . Variations of the arc motion dqpend on the erossing angle f()r imposed alternating magrietic field to the arc .
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2013._g051026-1 fatcat:yyoei6kp6nazpkpbhqlyeudarq