The genetic code, 8-dimensional hypercomplex numbers and dyadic shifts [article]

Sergey V. Petoukhov
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Matrix forms of the representation of the multi-level system of molecular-genetic alphabets have revealed algebraic properties of this system. Families of genetic (4*4)- and (8*8)-matrices show unexpected connections of the genetic system with Walsh functions and Hadamard matrices, which are known in theory of noise-immunity coding, digital communication and digital holography. Dyadic-shift decompositions of such genetic matrices lead to sets of sparse matrices. Each of these sets is closed in
more » ... elation to multiplication and defines relevant algebra of hypercomplex numbers. It is shown that genetic Hadamard matrices are identical to matrix representations of Hamilton quaternions and its complexification in the case of unit coordinates. The diversity of known dialects of the genetic code is analyzed from the viewpoint of the genetic algebras. An algebraic analogy with Punnett squares for inherited traits is shown. Our results are used in analyzing genetic phenomena. The statement about existence of the geno-logic code in DNA and epigenetics on the base of the spectral logic of systems of Boolean functions is put forward. Our results show promising ways to develop algebraic-logical biology, in particular, in connection with the logic holography on Walsh functions.
arXiv:1102.3596v11 fatcat:aposxvlq2neibcj7eeicjxe4ve