Analisis Masalah Heteroskedastisitas Menggunakan Generalized Least Square dalam Analisis Regresi

Aditya Setyawan R, Mustika Hadijati, Ni Wayan Switrayni
Regression analysis is one statistical method that allows users to analyze the influence of one or more independent variables (X) on a dependent variable (Y).The most commonly used method for estimating linear regression parameters is Ordinary Least Square (OLS). But in reality, there is often a problem with heteroscedasticity, namely the variance of the error is not constant or variable for all values of the independent variable X. This results in the OLS method being less effective. To
more » ... e this, a parameter estimation method can be used by adding weight to each parameter, namely the Generalized Least Square (GLS) method. This study aims to examine the use of the GLS method in overcoming heteroscedasticity in regression analysis and examine the comparison of estimation results using the OLS method with the GLS method in the case of heteroscedasticity.The results show that the GLS method was able to maintain the nature of the estimator that is not biased and consistent and able to overcome the problem of heteroscedasticity, so that the GLS method is more effective than the OLS method.
doi:10.29303/emj.v1i2.43 fatcat:3yv2oocy2bezfnxbbiz7apxnmu