Relation between Vibration of Pseudo-Shock Waves and Jet Noise

Hidetaka GAKUMASAWA, Tadatomo KOJIMA, YU Ryu, Junichi INOUE, Jinglong YANG
2000 Transactions of Visualization Society of Japan  
In this paper. the powerful jet noise containing discrete frequencies and behavior of pseudo-shock waves in the supersonic jet issuing from a divergent exit had been studied mainly by the flow visualization. The shock waves visualized by a high-speed camera and a Schliren system. The motion of the over-compression regions was studied by the digital image processing. It was clarified that the behavior of over-compression regions was periodical, and those periods were closely related to the discrete frequency of jet noise.
doi:10.3154/jvs.20.1supplement_465 fatcat:inntcyjcfzgxbcmnm2kd2oydve