On Kolmogorov wave turbulence in QCD

A.H. Mueller, A.I. Shoshi, S.M.H. Wong
2007 Nuclear Physics B  
We investigate Kolmogorov wave turbulence in QCD or, in other words, we calculate the spectrum of gluons as a function of time, f_k(t), in the presence of a source which feeds in energy density in the infrared region at a constant rate. We find an early, an intermediate and a late time form for the gluon spectrum. Wave turbulence in QCD turns out to be somewhat different than the turbulence in the case of \phi^4-type theories studied by Zakharov, L'vov and Falkovich. The hope is that a good
more » ... is that a good understanding of QCD wave turbulence might lead to a better understanding of the instability problem in the early stages of the evolution after a heavy ion collision.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2006.10.023 fatcat:7nrq3kddojgtbnd7e33l3nmj4u