Analysis of a quenched lattice-QCD dressed-quark propagator

M. S. Bhagwat, M. A. Pichowsky, C. D. Roberts, P. C. Tandy
2003 Physical Review C  
Quenched lattice-QCD data on the dressed-quark Schwinger function can be correlated with dressed-gluon data via a rainbow gap equation so long as that equation's kernel possesses enhancement at infrared momenta above that exhibited by the gluon alone. The required enhancement can be ascribed to a dressing of the quark-gluon vertex. The solutions of the rainbow gap equation exhibit dynamical chiral symmetry breaking and are consistent with confinement. The gap equation and related,
more » ... rving ladder Bethe-Salpeter equation yield estimates for chiral and physical pion observables that suggest these quantities are materially underestimated in the quenched theory: || by a factor of two and f_pi by 30%.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.68.015203 fatcat:7xowrd2g3fehzbviaencvvjpvm