Comparative evaluation of neonatal and obstetrics outcomes of labour between Iranian and Afghan ethnicities

Aboutaleb Beigi, Alireza Mazinanian, Mansour Ashrafinia, Alireza Baratloo, Saeed Safari
2015 Journal of Emergency Practice and Trauma  
There are major differences in neonatal and obstetrics outcomes of labour among different ethnicities. The present study compared the neonatal and obstetrics outcomes of labour between the Iranian and Afghan ethnicities. Methods: Neonatal and obstetrics problems were evaluated in Iranian and Afghan pregnant women, who had referred to Arash Educational/Treatment Center for labour during a year. Results: 3020 (93.7%) Iranian and 202 (63%) Afghan women were evaluated. There were no significant
more » ... erences between the two ethnicities in relation to a need for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the rate of live births, infant birth weight, congenital anomalies and premature births (P>0.05). The rate of Caesarian section was higher in Iranian women (P=0.001). Conclusion: It seems that the differences in neonatal problems and outcomes of labour obstetrics between Iranians and Afghans can be attributed to different cultural, economic, and social conditions in comparison to different ethnicities.
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