Quasi-Biennial and Subbiennial Variations of Stratospheric Trace Constituents Derived from HALOE Observations

Timothy J. Dunkerton
2001 Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences  
Interannual variability of trace constituents in the stratosphere is examined using methane, water vapor, and ozone data from the Halogen Occultation Experiment aboard the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite in 1992-99. Application of rotated principal component analysis to the dataset reveals dominant modes of variability consisting of annual, semiannual, and quasi-biennial oscillations (QBOs), together with "subbiennial" variations evidently due to nonlinear interaction between the annual
more » ... e and QBO. The structure of quasi-biennial variability is approximately symmetric about the equator, while subbiennial variability, with certain exceptions, is approximately antisymmetric and confined mostly to the subtropics. The vertical structure and downward propagation of the ozone QBO at the equator is described by a pair of symmetric EOFs having separate amplitude maxima in the lower and upper stratosphere. A second pair of EOFs explains the seasonal dependence of subtropical ozone anomalies. For each tracer, the subtropical anomaly is larger in the Northern Hemisphere. A novel "phase diagram" illustrates the joint seasonal and QBO dependence of tracer anomalies. A pair of principal components are used to define the phase of the dynamical QBO. When plotted against the phase of the annual cycle, the QBO follows a diagonal trajectory with regular phase progression except for an occasional slowing of easterly shear-zone descent near 50 hPa. Tracer principal components of symmetric and antisymmetric EOFs, plotted along this trajectory, display the distinct signatures of quasi-biennial and subbiennial variation. Tracer anomalies reconstructed using an idealized representation of QBO and subbiennial harmonics display the seasonal synchronization and decadal modulation characteristic of QBO-annual cycle interaction.
doi:10.1175/1520-0469(2001)058<0007:qbasvo>2.0.co;2 fatcat:ojfyd2wfqjfbzgxxt2fgkh3ypy