Ultrasound Application to Improve Meat Quality [chapter]

Alma D. Alarcon-Rojo, Esmeralda Peña-González, Iván García- Galicia, Luis Carrillo-López, Mariana Huerta-Jiménez, Raúl Reyes- Villagrana, Hector Janacua-Vidales
2018 Descriptive Food Science  
High-intensity ultrasound offers an alternative to traditional methods of food preservation and is regarded as a green, versatile, popular, and promising emerging technology. Ultrasound generates acoustic cavitation in a liquid medium, developing physical forces that are considered the main mechanism responsible for the observed changes in exposed materials. In meat, ultrasound has been successfully used to improve processes such as mass transfer and marination, tenderization of meat ,and
more » ... vation of microorganisms. It is also an alternative to traditional meat aging methods for improving the quality properties of meat. Moreover, the combination of ultrasonic energy with a sanitizing agent can improve the effect of microbial reduction in foods. This review describes recent potential applications of ultrasound in meat systems, as well as physical and chemical effects of ultrasound treatments on the conservation and modification of processed meat foods.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.77973 fatcat:muecz7e3nffzldud6bmbnbvcrm