High-performance optical amplifier for WDM communication systems

Martin Rochette, Martin Guy, Jocelyn Lauzon, Sophie LaRochelle, Francois Trepanier, George A. Lampropoulos, Roger A. Lessard
1998 1998 International Conference on Applications of Photonic Technology III: Closing the Gap between Theory, Development, and Applications  
Gain equalization of an EDFA is performed by introducing spectrally designed all-fiber filters in the midstage of a dual-stage fiber amplifier. Two types of filters are studied: a cascade of narrow-band Bragg gratings for discrete equalization of a finite number of channels and a wide-band Bragg grating performing equalization over the whole 1539 nm to 1557 nm range. In future work, it is planned to use the discrete Bragg grating configuration to simultaneously perform Dispersion compensation
more » ... ), Equalization (E) and Stabilization of gain (S) and Channel dropping (C) in a dual-stage EDFA. Integration of these functions will result in a high performance amplifier called the DESC-EDFA * .
doi:10.1117/12.328593 fatcat:btuxlcexxbbc7e6k27xfavtruu