T. Cody
1882 The Lancet  
The patient made rapid progress, the sinuses healing up, new bone having been thrown out; although now a little pus was to be seen working its way between the great and second toes, which with pressure on the plantar aspect of the foot with a pad of lint, daily dressing, and syringing with carbolic lotion (one in forty) and careful bandaging, was suppressed. When discharged and made an out-patient, on April 25th, 1882, the foot presented a healthy appearance, both sinuses having healed-i.e.,
more » ... se over the dorsum of the foot; and dry lint dressing was substituted for the lotion. His anklejoint was not involved in any way during his treatment here, every movement of the same being effected with moderate fairness. Latterly a mixture containing iron and arsenic was ordered him.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)38249-7 fatcat:mbp6f74lrvdexhckd7fvbm7j6q