Influence of development of raw hydrocarbon deposits on the geodynamic state and seismic regime of the Earth's crust in the Southern Urals

Maksim Nesterenko, Oksana Kapustina, Sergey Nikiforov
2021 Российский сейсмологический журнал [Russian Journal of Seismology]  
The article presents the results of the analysis of the impact of field development on the geody-namic state and seismic activity of the earth's crust of the Southern Urals, were compared in field development, anthropogenic changes in the bowels of district fields with the level of seismic ac-tivity, correlation between indicators of development of deposits and the parameters of the seis-mic activity of the earth's crust and the statistical analysis of the seismic regime of the area de-posits
more » ... hydrocarbon raw materials. Correlation analysis of field development indicators and seismic activity parameters revealed an almost linear relationship (r>0.9) between reservoir pres-sure and the number of events (including low-energy pulse events) and a close relationship be-tween the average debit and the number of events. A model of the seismic activity of hydrocar-bon deposits in the Southern Urals is constructed in the form of a set of graphs of the frequency of seismic events and changes in their angle of inclination. The constructed model indicates a change in the nature of seismic activity in the subsurface of the field area, which consists in a de-crease in the energy of events and an increase in their number. The cyclical nature of seismic ac-tivity on the territory of the Orenburg oil and gas condensate field (OOGCF) is revealed. Current-ly, there is an accumulation of stress associated with the continued drop in reservoir pressure during the field operation and natural tectonic processes against the background of a decrease in the rate of hydrocarbon production. Reducing production volumes at OOGCF does not reduce the man-made load on the Earth's crust, but reduces the rate of stress accumulation. This leads to a decrease in the energy of seismic events and an increase in their number (taking into account the pulses).
doi:10.35540/2686-7907.2021.3.05 fatcat:qauraokttbhihnmxwhn73wt5ia