Taste as a Channel of Personal Communication

L V Plyushcheva, F T Kiseleva, N E Zubareva, I A Koryagina
2020 Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)   unpublished
Modern business tries to find out new ways of communication with customer because of fallen efficiency of all traditional form of communications. Authors of this article cover the question of influence the emergence of human emotions in a targeted way due to the influence his sense organs using taste as a new communication platform. Introduction Currently companies face the necessity to revise all of their sales promotion concepts. There are a number of reasons: the global economic crisis, the
more » ... onomic crisis, the growing level of competition, the development of the consumer. It has become difficult for companies to sell their products and force customers to make a choice in their favor. In previous years companies worked in growing markets and selling was not difficult, but now the situation has changed radically. In order to be identified among hundreds of similar products, companies need to create not just a brand, but a whole image, a set of emotions and impressions that a product can convey to a consumer: now we have to sell not products, but emotions, holiday, history and the legend of consumption with the appropriate atmosphere. A consumer himself must want to plunge into a situation of consumption. And for this research and implementation of innovative mechanisms and methods of influence in the sales process are necessary. And in order to accomplish it, traditional channels of interaction and communication to which sellers are so used are no longer enough. The main source of information about the external environment is still visual images: 90% of all received information, the second most important channel is sound 8% of all perceived information. Another 2% falls on the remaining three feelings of a person: touch, smell and taste. Effectiveness of use of these 2% of information is the success of the company in full interaction with the client. The image of the product cannot be complex and complete without them, it will be impossible to create a complete five-dimensional information space around the product and brand. But is it possible to influence the emergence of human emotions in a targeted way due to the influence his sense organs? What techniques should be used and what is the mechanics of these processes? To answer these questions, it is necessary to investigate not only the social behavior of a person, but also his psychological and physiological characteristics. It is necessary to find out the emotional messages transmitted through the senses, in particular through various taste sensations.
doi:10.2991/aebmr.k.200312.062 fatcat:r3ul2beqyjey7l6draxab7rhi4