On uniform sampling simple directed graph realizations of degree sequences [article]

M. Drew Lamar
2009 arXiv   pre-print
Choosing a uniformly sampled simple directed graph realization of a degree sequence has many applications, in particular in social networks where self-loops are commonly not allowed. It has been shown in the past that one can perform a Markov chain arc-switching algorithm to sample a simple directed graph uniformly by performing two types of switches: a 2-switch and a directed 3-cycle reorientation. This paper discusses under what circumstances a directed 3-cycle reorientation is required. In
more » ... rticular, the class of degree sequences where this is required is a subclass of the directed 3-cycle anchored degree sequences. An important implication of this result is a reduced Markov chain algorithm that uses only 2-switches.
arXiv:0912.3834v1 fatcat:btygwyiiljdwdemtxh4idkcl4a