Improving Closed-Loop Signal Shaping of Flexible Systems with Smith Predictor and Quantitative Feedback

Withit Chatlatanagulchai, Puwadon Poedaeng, Nitirong Pongpanich
2016 Engineering Journal  
Input shaping is a technique used to move flexible systems from point to point rapidly by suppressing the residual vibration at the destination. The vibration suppression is obtained from the principle of destruction of impulse responses. The input shaper, when placed before the flexible system inside the control loop, proves to deliver several benefits. However, this so-called closed-loop signal shaping has one major disadvantage that it adds time delays to the closed-loop system. Being a
more » ... ystem. Being a transcendental function, the time delays cause difficulty in analysis and design of the feedback controller. In most cases, the time delays also limit the maximum achievable bandwidth. In this paper, for the very first time, Smith predictors were applied to the closed-loop signal shaping to remove the time delay from the loop. It was shown in simulation result that the detrimental effect of the time delays was completely removed in the case of perfect plant model. The quantitative feedback control was used in the study to quantify the amount of achievable bandwidth and to suppress vibrations from the plant-input disturbance.
doi:10.4186/ej.2016.20.5.155 fatcat:aelmaaf2yvdh7nyos4krhzyuaq