Ion and Electron Beam Processing of Condensed Molecular Solids to Form Thin Films

M. W. Ruckman, J. K. Mowlem, J. F. Moore, D. R. Strongin, M. Strongin
1992 Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings  
O 8 7"I Electron and ion beams can be used to deposit thin films and etch surfaces using gas phase precursors. However, the generation of undesirablegas phase products and the diffusion of the reactivespecies beyond the region irradiatedby the electron or ion beam can limit selectivity. In this paper,the feasibility of processingcondensed precursorssuch as diborane, tri-methylaluminum,ammonia and waterat 78 K with low energy ( I00-I000 eV ) electron and ion beams ( Ar+, N2 + and H2+ ) ranging
more » ... current density from 56 nA to several _a per cm2 is examined, lt was found that boron, boron nitride and stoichiometric aluminum oxide films could be deposited from the condensed volatile species using charged particlebeams and some of the physical and chemical aspects and l_.rotationsof this new techniqueare discussed.
doi:10.1557/proc-279-651 fatcat:665xbsdf2zcp7hlhlqnilxryzi