Is God his Law? Or how religious education affects the dehristianization of mass consciousness

Larysa Andreyeva, Katerina Elbakyan
2014 Ukrainian Religious Studies  
In the twentieth century, the Russian Empire acted as a country where the state religion - Orthodoxy - was legally established. According to the census of 1897, the number of Orthodox Christians was 87.3 million, or 69.5% of the population. The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church in its report for 1902 stated: "The Orthodox Russian people, who by nature deeply believe, consider all phenomena of life not only family and social, but also state life only in the light of faith" However, already in
more » ... However, already in 1916 the Synod in the definition No. 676 acknowledged that a mass fallout from faith began. And a year later the "deeply religious people" will betray their Church and, on the whole, enthusiastically accept the communist ideology that proclaimed religion as "the opium of the people", "the heart of the heartless world", "the spirit of soulless order", "the sigh of the oppressed creature". In this case, if "the sufferers for the faith were thousands, then the apostates are millions"
doi:10.32420/2014.70.414 fatcat:ulhrmcdoffdzvlw4rxbo4jgxwa