An Efficient Reactive Power Control Method for Power Network Systems with Solar Photovoltaic Generators Using Sparse Optimization

2017 Energies  
With the incremental introduction of solar photovoltaic (PV) generators into existing power systems, and their fast-growing share in the gross electricity generation, system voltage stability has become a critical issue. One of the major concerns is voltage fluctuation, due to large and random penetration of solar PV generators. To suppress severe system voltage deviation, reactive power control of the photovoltaic system inverter has been widely proposed in recent works; however, excessive use
more » ... ever, excessive use of reactive power control would increase both initial and operating costs. In this paper, a method for efficient allocation and control of reactive power injection using the sparse optimization technique is proposed. Based on a constrained linearized model describing the influence of reactive power injection on voltage magnitude change, the objective of this study is formulated as an optimization problem, which aims to find the best reactive power injection that minimizes the whole system voltage variation. Two types of formulations are compared: the first one is the conventional least-square optimization, while the second one is adopted from a sparse optimization technique, called the constrained least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) method. The constrained LASSO method adds 1 -norm penalty to the total reactive power injection, which contributes to the suppression of the number of control nodes with non-zero reactive power injection. The authors analyzed the effectiveness of the constrained LASSO method using the IEEE 39-bus and 57-bus power network as benchmark examples, under various PV power generation and allocation patterns. The simulation results show that the constrained LASSO method automatically selects the minimum number of inverters required for voltage regulation at the current operating point. Keywords: solar photovoltaic system (PV); random allocation; power system integration; voltage variation; inverter reactive power control; constrained least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO)
doi:10.3390/en10050696 fatcat:eevqmnonejcqpdnwvebvdvegvm