A Novel Methodology for Multiple-Year Regulation of Reservoir Active Storage Capacity

Panayotis Yannopoulos, Alexander Demetracopoulos
2018 Water  
Reservoir design entails the determination of the required storage capacity over multiple years of low flow conditions to ensure the coverage of multiple-purpose water demands. Dam operation depends on many factors that may result in the decrease of required safe yields, leading to inadequate outflow supplies in the design period. This study addresses two issues: (a) the computation of reservoir active storage capacity performed with the aid of the new concept of a zero-height dam, a procedure
more » ... asy to interpret physically and implement computationally; and (b) the generation of appropriate inflow data, provided that a substantial record of monthly inflows is available. The treatment of the inflow data for the generation of inflow sequences for any desired regulation period is performed by two original methods (First and Second), which are entirely different from other available methods and allow for the selection of a reservoir capacity with the desired level of exceedance probability. The two methods proposed give practically the same results. However, the Second Method, which generates inflow data consisting of hydrologic years with inflow values for each month randomly selected from the observed values for that month, is superior in terms of the ease with which inflow sequences are generated. Also, due to the large size of the random sample that can be generated, the exceedance probability curves are very smooth and allow for the easy selection of reservoir storage capacity with any level of desired exceedance probability. The proposed methodology may be useful for consultants and reservoir managers.
doi:10.3390/w10091254 fatcat:q6gqguh34ffgjholc6fka2gvzq