2. On a Sulphurous Acid Cryophorus

W. Thomson
1880 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  
AbstractThe instrument exhibited to the Royal Society consisted of a U-shaped glass tube stopped at both ends, containing sulphurous. acid liquid and steam. The process by which the sulphurous acid is freed from air, which was partially exhibited to the Royal Society, is as follows:—Begin with a glass U tube open at both ends, and attach to each a small convenient, very fine, and perfectly gas-tight, stop-cock. Placing it with the bend down in a freezing mixture, condense pure well-dried
more » ... e well-dried sulphurous acid gas direct into it from the generator till it is full nearly to the tops of the two branches.
doi:10.1017/s037016460004414x fatcat:uruklgxq4zhedjnbwgdapd7cym