Unconstraint Eye tracking on Mobile Smartphone

Akshay Gawande, Gangotri Nathaney
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Eye tracking techniques have been investigated by researchers in the computer human vision and the psychology community for the last some decades. Still its remains a challenging and difficult task due to the individuality of the eyes, location, and variability in shape, scale, and lighting conditions. Eye tracking has many usages in neuroscience and human-computer interaction. Eye tracking plays a good role in the field of human attention analysis, human factors in industrial engineering,
more » ... l engineering, marketing and advertising, gaze-based interactive user interfaces, and driver vigilance systems. Existing eye-tracking technologies include EOG and Coil Systems, which require additional hardware, mounted on the skin or specialized sensor to measure the eye movements. These methods were quite difficult; instead current commercial eye trackers systems use video images of the eyes along with additional hardware, such as infrared sensors. In this paper, we design and implement a low-cost eye-tracking system on mobile phone using only an off-the-shelf front camera. This paper presents various an eye detection techniques using Haar Cascade Classifier and Circular Hough Transform. Our invented technique first detects the entire face and then the eyes using Haar Cascade Classifier, Circular Hough Transform (CHT) is used to detect the circular shape of the eye and make sure that the eye is detected correctly by the classifiers. The propose technique able to detect eyes in various condition like wearing spec, lightning, driving, dark etc.