Nanoparticle Synthesis, Applications, and Toxicity [chapter]

Hamid-Reza Rahimi, Mohsen Doostmohammadi
2019 Applications of Nanobiotechnology [Working Title]  
Nowadays production of different nanoparticles (NPs) with plausible biomedical benefits is tremendously increasing. NPs are of great interest in drug delivery systems, drug formulation, medical diagnostic, and biosensor production. Aside from the importance of NPs in medicine, their negative side effects including potential cytotoxicity, inflammatory response induction, and drug interruption should be carefully considered. Several molecular and physicochemical mechanisms are involved in
more » ... induction of NPs. Finding the negative effects of NPs on human tissues and investigation of their mechanism of action are a way for preventing the happening of unpleasant event. Here in this work, we would describe the main way of NP production with special attention to green NP production, and then their application in medical diagnosis and disease treatment would be explored. Also the main toxicity effects of NPs on different tissues would be explored, and the parameters affecting the quality of NPs and their corresponding biological properties would be highlighted.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.87973 fatcat:dexfzsenwrhpxire56dcaepgpa