The Canonical Artefact and its Cosmological Interpretations

G. J. Foschini
1994 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
We argue th a t there is a facto r of a t least 10264 to somehow be accom m odated to explain how it is possible th a t our universe produced a life-form w ith our advanced level of intelligence. The factor arises from an analytical developm ent of th e them e th a t very intelligent life-forms w ould give physical expression to a highly distinguished m athem atical tr u th in a canonical way. This stru ctu re, which serves to flag th e occurrence of a life-form possessing an advanced
more » ... advanced intelligence, is term ed th e canonical arte fact (tca). U sing tca we show th a t if th e laws governing th e u n iverse's evolution to the p resent are indifferent to th e em ergence of a life-form w ith advanced intelligence, th en th e chance of em ergence is less th a n one p a rt in 10264, and, if instead, th e laws m ake th e em ergence a v irtu al certain ty , th en th e em ergence is greater th a n a 264 orders of m agnitude effect. In the first case, em ergence of a life-form w ith advanced intelligence is exceedingly unlikely, and, in the second case, where such a life-form is inevitable, physics faces th e problem of giving even a sem blance of a quantitative ex planation for a 264 orders of m agnitude effect. In either case physics is left w ith a p u zzle: explain w hy our universe contains a life-form w ith advanced intelligence.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1994.0001 fatcat:yqkm6quxwvg3ployerf5lhtani