Universal aspects of Efimov states and light halo nuclei

A. E. A. Amorim, T. Frederico, Lauro Tomio
1997 Physical Review C  
The parametric region in the plane defined by the ratios of the energies of the subsystems and the three body ground state, in which Efimov states can exist, is determined. We use a renormalizable model that guarantees the general validity of our results in the context of short range interactions. The experimental data for one and two-neutron separation energies, implies that among the halo-nuclei candidates, only C-20 has a possible Efimov state, with energy less than 14 KeV below the scattering threshold.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.56.r2378 fatcat:3nqfrdpqubblvmm7khgtf2d3fy