Ontology of Discrete Mathematics in Education
Онтология дискретной математики в образовании

Ivan Molotkov, Saint Petersburg National Research Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 8, building 3, let. A, Khlopina st., 194021, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Fyodor Novikov, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, 5, building 3, st. Professora Popova, 197376, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2021 Kompûternye instrumenty v obrazovanii / Computer Tools for Education  
Currently, ontologies are widely used in computer science for the formalized representati- on of knowledge about various subject areas. Special formal languages for describing ontologies have been developed and are successfully used, which allow describing ontologi- es in a form that is accessible for use by both humans and computers.Among the various options for using ontologies, a special place is occupied by the use of ontologies in educati- on, since the systematization and ordering of
more » ... edge, being the main competitive advantage of the ontological approach, is at the same time one of the main goals of the educational process. The article proposes original methods of constructing ontologies for use in the educational process of higher education. The central idea is the construction of faceted, in other words, multifaceted ontologies, in which different aspects of the same subject area are described by conceptually similar, but syntactically different means. This approach provides a more accurate and semantically adequate description while maintaining the known brevity and clarity of designations. As a language for describing ontologies, it is proposed to use the unified modeling language UML 2, which has proven itself in formalization in many cases. The presentation is based on the example of constructing an ontology of discrete mathematics, and the ontology diagrams given in the article are introduced into the educational processes of the Academic and Polytechnic Universities of St. Petersburg.
doi:10.32603/2071-2340-2021-1-69-85 fatcat:nfzhw4tfqrfhdbv3fpgpzl5nie