Imitation modeling and Calculation of the parameters ofLateral forces components of guide wheels of Cotton-picker MH-1.8

B Azimov, D Yakubjanova
2018 International Journal of AdvancedResearch in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Models and algorithms for optimal control of guide wheels of cotton-picker MH-1.8 are developed in the paper on the basis of the derived equations of motion. The values of vertical and horizontal oscillations of cotton-pickerMH-1.8 (HUM MH-1.8) are determined in the course of motion along the roughness on turning strips of cotton fields, as well as the values of grip coefficient of the steering wheels, which reduce the accuracy of turning and create difficulties for the orientation of the
more » ... tation of the driver-mechanic when driving. The shortcomings of the means of turning the HUM MH-1.8 with rear steering wheels are revealed: the complexity of the steering control drive, the uneven distribution of the mass between the front, guide and rear steering wheels.