West Siberian chernozems – object of reclamation
Западно-Сибирские чернозёмы – объект мелиорации

Mihail Ustinov, Mihail Glistin
2022 Melioration and Water Management  
The genesis - ameliorative features of West Siberian chernozems, as objects of reclamation, which were formed in difficult natural and climatic conditions, are young ecological soils, but "easily injured" during irrigation, are considered. Being in the Northern Hemisphere with a pulsating increase in aridization in centuries-old cycles to preserve and improve the fertility of those in need of irrigation, in addition to atmospheric precipitation
doi:10.32962/0235-2524-2021-4-16-20 fatcat:ppyn5tddijgljk4d2paj7vg3bm