Spiritual Health and psychosis in the light of Quran

2018 Arak Medical University Journal (AMUJ) Downloaded from amuj.arakmu.ac.ir at   unpublished
This study considers the art of Quran in healing human psychological and spiritual disorders. Since the subject matter of Quran and medicine is human and the objective of both is health and welfare of human body and soul, it is suggested that man can learn how to remedy his psychological pains through Quran. Accordingly, after providing definitions for sick and healthy heart and soul, we will look at some instances of psychiatric disorders and investigate them closely through ideas put forward
more » ... ideas put forward by scientists. Also, we argue that the origin of these diseases goes back to human motivations, belief system, and social and political matters, while some are related to ethical principles. Then we will focus on the qualities and effects of healthy soul in the view of Quranic verses. Eventually, it will be stated that since human behavioral reactions are the signs of a healthy soul or a psychotic one, those who seek peace in this world and salvation in the afterworld are suggested to prevent and cure psychological problems and create balance in their personality by using commandments given by Quran since the aim of Quran is maintaining balance between different instincts.