Research on Air Infiltration Characteristics of High-speed Railway Station

Bin Qian, Liangliang Sun, Tao Yu, Bo Lei, Haiquan Bi
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
High-speed railway station has a large space and a large amount of air infiltration, which has great influences on the thermal load, the thermal environment and the air quality. In this paper, the air infiltration and its distribution characteristics in winter and summer in different climatic zones are determined by CO2 concentration method. The results showed that buoyancy-driven pressure played a dominant role, and the infiltration air volume of 2.8 h-1 in winter is larger than that of 2.0
more » ... in summer. The infiltration air volume in the hot summer and cold winter zone and the hot summer and warm winter zone is larger than that in the cold zone. When the mechanical ventilation system for fresh air is turned off, the indoor CO2 concentration meets the human safety threshold. But it can be found that when the air infiltration volume is small enough to a certain extent, the air infiltration volume has a poor dilutive effect on pollutants in the deeper parts of the station. The tradeoff between the utilization of air infiltration and the elimination of mechanical ventilation needs to be furthered considered.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202126103041 doaj:bcf51eed20834aacbd5a956c36f0d9a2 fatcat:exmb6catfrguno2xvyk37gdhk4