A mixed dicarboxylate strut approach to enhancing catalytic activity of a de novo urea derivative of metal–organic framework UiO-67

Paul W. Siu, Zachary J. Brown, Omar K. Farha, Joseph T. Hupp, Karl A. Scheidt
2013 Chemical Communications  
A hydrogen-bond donating MOF catalyst based on the UiO-67 framework, containing both urea-functionalized dicarboxylate and biphenyl-4,4 0 -dicarboxylate struts, was synthesized by a de novo route. The mixed strut framework has larger pore sizes and improved catalytic activity for Henry reactions than the pure strut analogue, which contains only the urea-functionalized dicarboxylate linker. Scheme 1 Solvothermal synthesis of non-functionalized UiO-67, pure strut UiO-67-Urea and mixed strut UiO-67-Urea/bpdc.
doi:10.1039/c3cc47177b pmid:24132049 fatcat:vazpnjiv6fbjjfdeaoxhqwifge