Data-Centric Mobile Crowdsensing

Changkun Jiang, Lin Gao, Lingjie Duan, Jianwei Huang
2018 IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing  
Mobile crowdsensing (MCS) is a promising sensing paradigm that leverages the diverse embedded sensors in massive mobile devices. A key objective in MCS is to efficiently schedule mobile users to perform multiple sensing tasks. Prior work mainly focused on interactions between the task-layer and the user-layer, without considering tasks' similar data requirements and users' heterogeneous sensing capabilities. In this work, we propose a three-layer data-centric MCS model by introducing a new
more » ... roducing a new data-layer between tasks and users, enable different tasks to reuse the same data items, hence effectively leverage both task similarities and user heterogeneities. We formulate a joint task selection and user scheduling problem based on the new framework, aiming at maximizing social welfare. We first analyze the centralized optimization problem with the statistical information of tasks and users, and show the bound of the social welfare gain due to data reuse. Then we consider the two-sided information asymmetry of selfish task-owners and users, and propose a decentralized market mechanism for achieving the centralized social optimality. In particular, considering the NP-hardness of the optimization, we propose a truthful two-sided randomized auction mechanism that ensures computational efficiency and a close-to-optimal performance. Simulations verify the effectiveness of our proposed model and mechanism.
doi:10.1109/tmc.2017.2763956 fatcat:gopeezbdefbdljobil2a5bo2zy