Efficient online signature authentication approach

Saidani Kaouther, Mostefai Messaoud, Bouziane Abderraouf, Chahir Youssef
2014 Journal of Electronic Imaging (JEI)  
Signature authentication systems often have to focus their processing on acquired dynamic and/or static signatures descriptors to authenticate persons. This approach gives satisfactory results in ordinary cases but remains vulnerable against skilled forgeries. This is mainly because there is no relation between the signatory and his signature. We will show that the inclusion of the hand shape in the authentication process will considerably reduce the false acceptance rates of skilled forgeries
more » ... nd improve the authentication accuracy performances. A new online hand signature authentication approach based on both signature and hand shape descriptor is proposed. The signature acquisition is completely transparent, which allows a high level of security against fraudulent imitation attempts. Authentication performances are evaluated with extensive experiments. The obtained test results [equal error rate ðEERÞ ¼ 2%, genuine acceptance rate ðGARÞ ¼ 96%] confirm the efficiency of the proposed approach.
doi:10.1117/1.jei.23.6.063009 fatcat:uvq2547ahbfqvjai5yhycckrb4