Konzeption und Entwicklung computergestützter Lernangebote [thesis]

Christine Hitzke, Helmut Krueger
Within this work a first prototype of a course in refraction for Ophthalmologists was realised. This included the didactical preparation of the learning content and the development of a new learning system on CD-ROM. The theoretical part of this work with focus on the didactical design computer-supported learning but also the development of them, can be taken as a compendium for the conception and development of computer-supported learning. Overview computer-supported learning
more » ... learning includes learning over distances, which makes the direct contact between learner and teacher no longer compellingly necessary and using learning material which consists media types like text, pictures, animations, videos, simulations or a mix out of them. The former can be called as distance learning the latter as learning with multimedia. Distance learning forms can use more or less multimedia learning content. All Computer-supported learning forms require different hard and software components. These can be separated in components to produce learning content by producers, to distribute learning content over the Internet or other carrier media such as CD-ROM or DVD and to access to learning content by learners. To reduce the expenditure in supplying computersupported learning there exist learning platforms. Learning platforms offer different functionalities for course authors, teachers, tutors and learners in one product and make it in this way possible especially for producers to focus on didactical and not on technical aspects of the production.
doi:10.3929/ethz-a-005066800 fatcat:v5l6qpzvxjdclihxwvzd6mf4pi