Stratigraphic Column of the Kope and Fairview Formations, Kentucky 445, Brent, Kentucky [article]

Steven M. Holland, Arnold I. Miller, David L. Meyer, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Sharon C. St. Louis Diekmeyer
Abstract: The Upper Ordovician Kope Formation is exposed over a broad area of southwestern Ohio, southeastern Indiana, and northern Kentucky (Weir and others, 1984). Roadcuts along Ky. 445 near Brent (Figs. 2-3) and adjacent roadcuts along Interstate 275 expose a nearly complete section of the Kope Formation as well as the overlying Fairview Formation.
doi:10.13023/kgs.mc92.12 fatcat:uyshxg3s7ffutpew3fmxgx5zpm