3. Note on a New Form of Galvanometer

James Blyth
1884 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  
This instrument consists of a close spiral of insulated copper wire bent into the form of an anchor ring, so as to form an endless solenoid. The spiral is placed in a rectangular groove turned on the edge of a wooden or brass ring of suitable thickness and diameter. Short lengths of wire at both ends of the copper spiral are left straight. These, after being well insulated, are twisted together and led to two terminals, which serve as electrodes. The ring containing the spiral is fixed on a
more » ... l is fixed on a base board with its plane vertical, and at right angles to the magnetic meridian, when the instrument is in use. A short magnet, rigidly attached at right angles to the lower end of a stiff wire, is suspended from a silk fibre, so that its centre is in the circular centre line of the anchor ring.
doi:10.1017/s0370164600001115 fatcat:o2omwnljyfbyfk3hxuuo5uqfjq