Endocrinology, Legal Liability and Sub-Specialisation

George Gregory Buttigieg
2018 Global Journal of Endocrinological Metabolism  
Editorial In a world of meteorically expanding medical knowledge, specialisation, sub-specialisation and super sub-specialisation are normal terms of the day, in civilised countries where infrastructure and population numbers demographically and financially uphold such medical sub-divisions. Once such labels attain official recognition along with the blessing of the medical council, medical registration or equivalent, the ensuing rights and duties become enshrined at law. Endocrinology is one
more » ... ocrinology is one such recognised subdivision of Medicine, indeed a major sub-division, which has long been in existence and more than justifiably established itself. Yet, endocrinological management overlaps a number of other medical sub-divisions such as diabetology and also spills over onto other major fields such as gynaecology. This leads to inevitable questions of daily significance and colossal practical importance, especially if matters reach jurisprudential evaluation. When should a gynaecologist bow out and hand over to an endocrinologist and what liability is incurred if he does not or does not do so, in due time? The answers to these questions can only be answered with regard to evaluation of specific cases and, in addition, will vary from from country to country, from time to time, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and finally, also be dictated by the clinical outcome.
doi:10.31031/gjem.2018.01.000517 fatcat:hbfg7zkkgnfzzhst5k4pwly734