Instantaneous Relaxation-Based Real-Time Transient Stability Simulation

Venkata Dinavahi Vahid Jalili-Marandi
Real-time transient stability simulation is of paramount importance for system security assessment and to initiate preventive control actions before catastrophic events such as blackouts happen. Transient stability simulation of realistic power systems involves the solution of a large set of nonlinear differential-algebraic equations in the time-domain which requires significant computational resources. Exploitation of parallel processing techniques can provide an efficient and cost-effective
more » ... lution to this problem. This paper proposes a fully parallel method known as instantaneous relaxation (IR) for real-time transient stability simulation. To validate the proposed method, two test systems have been implemented on an advanced PC-cluster-based real-time simulator. A comparison of the captured real-time results with those from the PSS/E software shows high accuracy.
doi:10.7939/r3-jdt3-8y32 fatcat:7w4oybu2gzadnmkxfsjpi5wwxa