A low switching voltage organic-on-inorganic heterojunction memory element utilizing a conductive polymer fuse on a doped silicon substrate

Shawn Smith, Stephen R. Forrest
2004 Applied Physics Letters  
We present a simple, nonvolatile, write-once-read-many-times ͑WORM͒ memory device utilizing an organic-on-inorganic heterojunction ͑OI-HJ͒ diode with a conductive polymer fuse consisting of polyethylene dioxythiophene:polysterene sulfonic acid ͑PEDOT:PSS͒ forming one side of the rectifying junction. Current transients are used to change the fuse from a conducting to a nonconducting state to record a logical "1" or "0", while the nonlinearity of the OI-HJ allows for passive matrix memory
more » ... ng. The device switches at 2 and 4 V for 50 nm thick PEDOT:PSS films on p-type Si and n-type Si, respectively. This is significantly lower than the switching voltage used in PEDOT:PSS/p-i-n Si memory elements ͓J. Appl Phys. 94, 7811 ͑2003͔͒. The switching results in a permanent reduction of forward-bias current by approximately five orders of magnitude. These results suggest that the OI-HJ structure has potential for use in low-cost passive matrix WORM memories for archival storage applications.
doi:10.1063/1.1763632 fatcat:3ijpvgzenfaileqiesq4lmto6a