Analyses of all matrix metalloproteinase members in leukocytes emphasize monocytes as major inflammatory mediators in multiple sclerosis

A. Bar-Or
2003 Brain  
expression and that they identify speci®c MMP members as targets for novel therapeutics in the disease. Abbreviations: C T = cycle threshold; EAE = experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis; HBECs = human brain-derived endothelial cells; IgG = immunoglobulin-G; MMP = matrix metalloproteinase; IFN-g = interferon-g; LPS = lipopolysaccharide; PBMC = peripheral blood mononuclear cell; PMA = phorbol-12,13-myristate acetate; TIMP = tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases McCawley and Matrisian, 2001)
more » ... However, the abnormal expression of several MMP members is thought to give rise to diseases including cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac dysfunctions and lung pathology. The mature CNS normally contains non-detectable or low levels of most MMPs, but several become upregulated in neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, malignant glioma and stroke (reviewed in Yong et al., 2001) . In multiple
doi:10.1093/brain/awg285 pmid:14506071 fatcat:jwhljihvynguvcixjx3g26pdru