Majorana Fermions, Supersymmetry Breaking, and Born-Infeld Theory [chapter]

S. Ferrara, A. Marrani, A. Yeranyan
2017 The Future of Our Physics Including New Frontiers  
This review is devoted to highlight some aspects of the relevance of Majorana fermions in rigid supersymmetry breaking in four spacetime dimensions. After introducing some basic facts on spinors, and on their symmetries and reality properties, we consider Goldstino actions describing partial breaking of rigid supersymmetry, then focussing on Born-Infeld non-linear theory, its duality symmetry, and its supersymmetric extensions, also including multi-field generalizations exhibiting doubly self-duality.
doi:10.1142/9789813208292_0003 fatcat:6zlrrsja4bdd7f3l4ywnvzfjm4