An Adaptation of the Vector-Space Model for Ontology-Based Information Retrieval

Pablo Castells, Miriam Fernandez, David Vallet
2007 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering  
Semantic search has been one of the motivations of the Semantic Web since it was envisioned. We propose a model for the exploitation of ontology-based knowledge bases to improve search over large document repositories. In our view of Information Retrieval on the Semantic Web, a search engine returns documents rather than, or in addition to, exact values in response to user queries. For this purpose, our approach includes an ontology-based scheme for the semiautomatic annotation of documents,
more » ... a retrieval system. The retrieval model is based on an adaptation of the classic vector-space model, including an annotation weighting algorithm, and a ranking algorithm. Semantic search is combined with conventional keyword-based retrieval to achieve tolerance to knowledge base incompleteness. Experiments are shown where our approach is tested on corpora of significant scale, showing clear improvements with respect to keyword-based search. Index Terms--information retrieval models, ontology languages, semantic search, semantic web
doi:10.1109/tkde.2007.22 fatcat:l2l6lvuol5dcfg2loitkznzz7y