Development of a Self-Manageable News Virtual Environment

Fabio Machado de Oliveira, Carlos Henrique Medeiros de Souza, André Fernando Uébe Mansur, Bruna Moraes Marques, Fabrício Moraes de Almeida
2019 International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science  
This work proposal contributes to the advancement of the frontier of knowledge in the area of new information and communication technologies, where the object of this study helps to understand the particularities of cyberspace and cyberculture. The discovery of new technological resources produces theoretical and practical unfolding of new socio-technical elements in the knowledge age. To materialize this proposal, it was necessary to reflect deeply on information systems and database storage
more » ... light of the General Theory of Systems, revisiting its concepts and abstractions, converging to define open systems. Due to its generalist nature, adherence with the 3C model, for the development of collaborative systems, as well as its variables and technologies, have proved to be the cornerstones of framewok development to house a selfmanageable news virtual environment (AVNA). Supported by the theoreticians who studied and established the primacy of consolidated terms and concepts, an innovative thesis was derived that establishes a synergy between techno-social elements, designing a system to host news production, considering new elements present in the context of a society each more connected and with new demands. Finally, all the theoretical conception architecture, software engineering and systems modeling techniques, have produced the genesis of vectors that added up in the development of a collaborative system, open and committed to meeting the technological and social demands of the producers and consumers of inserted news in cybercultural dromocracy.
doi:10.22161/ijaers.6.1.9 fatcat:mvlmihn3y5b3lpl7bvrymy6vbm