Horror Zivilisationis, or the Horror of Subjectivity

Oleg A. Donskikh
2019 Zenodo  
In the paper, the problem of the relationship between culture and civilisation, is studied. Civilisation is understood as the external expression of culture, while culture represents the content of civilisation. The relationships between culture and civilisation are always tense. The author also considers civilisation as the death of culture. The fear of the individual, the subjectivity ultimately results from the fact that humanity can no longer survive being soulless, only in the form of
more » ... in the form of rationally determined civilisation. It is shown that modern civilisations suffer from the discrepancy between the increasing speed of the movement of communities towards a unified globalised humanity – a movement that is partly carried out with the help of technical progress that puts society and people into one orbit and transforms a human being into an objective, a controllable component – and the level of understanding the nature of this movement.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3733789 fatcat:dpx2jgzbnzbqxboaew5awnxj7e